Khiyami & Daoud was founded in 1992, headquartered in Sehnaya, Damascus Countryside. Its headquarters and facilities are roughly 13 kilometers from the city of Damascus. We have a branch in Aleppo, but our activities cover all areas of Syria. We specialize in food marketing, distribution, and storage. Our goal is to provide high quality food products at reasonable prices for local consumption.

The founding of Khiyami & Daoud was the fruit of long-standing cooperation and partnership between Mr. Muhammad Al Khiyami and Mr. Daoud Daoud. Mr. Al Khiyami has over 40 years of experience in the food business in the Gulf region (Gulf Center). Mr. Daoud has over 38 years of experience in making and marketing the best sweets and food products (Daoud Brothers Sweets) in Syria.

Considering the importance of storage of food products and raw materials, the company has established a branch for providing cold and dry storage services, in accordance with Syrian, Arab and international standards for food and food storage, and in full compliance with all international and local laws and regulations on food and environment safety.

In order to offer comprehensive services and to contribute to the prosperity of the national economy, we are currently studying the possibility of establishing a canned food (production and canning) factory.
In early 2009, the Company started establishing three chains of global restaurants in Syria: Marry Brown, Mr. Pasta, and Attila Mongolian Grill.

Our products are marketed and distributed to all governorates, by a specialized well trained team using modern vehicles equipped in accordance with international standards and laws on food safety, storage and transportation.


Our management philosophy is based on our motto: "welfare and care". We have always sought to meet local market demand for high quality food products at reasonable prices. We provide a wide variety of products suitable to all consumer needs, demands and tastes.

At every step during our growth and development, we have looked forward to winning consumer confidence through consumer satisfaction and maximizing the benefit obtained by consumers compared to the price paid.
Before putting it on the market, we carefully assess and research a product, as we believe that most consumers are looking for diversity and innovation as much as natural and healthy products. 

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The beginning in UAE was in 1988 through a perfect experienced teamwork to be the seed for the future expansion of services.





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